Why is United Abominations said to be one of the worst Megadeth albums?

I can't see why it is, it's a great album. Contains good songs such as Sleepwalker, Washington is Next and Never Walk Alone... A Call to Arms. I really can't see how people dislike this album. It's great!
who says its one of their worst album?

i think its great, and ive only ever spoken to people who say the same!
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I don't think anyone says it's their worst. Most people nominate Risk for that title.
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It might not be their worst, but it's still pretty bad.
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No way, pick up Risk. UA is awesome, they probably mean it has the worst guitarist on it. Glen is pretty weak compared to the other Virtuosos Megadeth has had in the past......

Yeah I agree, Chris Broderick is amazing, I loved all of his work in Endgame but I wish Marty was still with them. The Marty era was by far the best for Megadeth.
^ The only good album Marty did with them was RiP
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^ The only good album Marty did with them was RiP

Countdown to Extinction? Youthanasia? Risk?