Hello fellow UGers. I've recently got into iPhone app development and just released my first app called Guitar Guide Pro. it is essentially a guitar database with over 2000 guitars with stats and pictures. In additions, there are some tips and tricks for beginners and list of useful links. Pretty neat app if you are looking to add new guitar to your collection. The database is constantly updated (as it is impossible to add EVERY guitar in first version).

This is my first app, so obviously I don't have enough cash to do a proper advertising on UG (I emailed UG for the price quota - too expensive for me ). So the forum seem like a good idea to start. So if you want, check it out by searching "guitar guide pro" on iTunes, or by following the link in my sig. Thanks in advance and I hope you like it.


NOTE: I've been a member of UG for over 2 years, so I hope the admins won't see this thread as spam. I read the forum rules and i don't see any contradiction with advertising policies of UG forums. However, if there's any problem with the post, please let me know and i will gladly take down the thread.

From Rules:

Rule #2:

No advertising if the only thing you come on here to do is advertise. But if you've made 600 posts and you made a thread about this luthier business your starting up, that's not really being detrimental to the community. That's pretty much just making a decent thread in the gear forum. But if you do it without making posts about any other thing, I will have to assume you are using UG for you moneymaking schemes and don't actually give a crap about this community.

Thanks! feel free to submit any feedback or suggestions (like, what guitars to include next or something) on the support website! I'm open to suggestions