even though this is a primarily metal song, i just wanna say that i wrote it while listening to tons of jazz haha. i'm not sure whether i want to extend it or if i should just keep it at a short length. any input would definitely be appreciated, also c4c
There's really not much that sounds like jazz in that at all.
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Not very constructive feedback here, I know, but I loved it; it was exactly the kind of stuff I've been (unsuccessfully) trying to write for the past few weeks.
The length isn't a problem, I think as it is it sounds complete at that length, but you could quite easily add more instrumentation/melodic ideas and extend it into a much longer, progressive piece.
I'm studying jazz in school right, along with classical music. You can definitely hear elements of metal in jazz and especially classical. I can def. hear some jazz in parts of this. That's exactly the kind of music that I am working on right now. Good job.
not generic for the genre, pretty cool, but WTF with djentish part!!! (it might be guitar pro anyways)

but i think the ending is just not it...

but you made a good job, 7.5/10