I've been looking and looking but I cant find any random jam tracks without drums. Just so I can play drums to guitar and bass, without drums. Any suggestions?
Google "drum backing track" and you should find some tracks.

I personally prefer just playing along with the original songs.
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You can find over 400 drum backing tracks at .........

We have over 20 contributors providing both drumless cover and original music including rock, metal, blues, jazz, and classic rock.

As you are able to only purchase the tracks you like, you don't have to worry about getting a $20 CD that only has a few songs that you like on it.

That being said, Hal Leonard publishes a lot of good quality drum play along CDs of both covers and original music.

You can also find MIDI tracks around the internet, but of course, most rock tracks sound pretty horrible, but something like Band In A Box might work for you that composes songs on the fly.

Anyway, we hope you visit our site, I think you'll find exactly what you are looking for.

Ken (co-owner of minusdrums.com)

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