Keep it as a back up dude. I still have my first guitar, a Yamaha EG112 Pacifica. Still plays great, and won't ever get rid of it. You should hang it on the wall or something, draw inspiration from where you got your start, just my 2 cents
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Once you have that new guitar, you may feel differently. Personally I had no problem parting with my first 3 guitars, although I do sometimes miss my Les Paul.. even though it was a poor match for me!
i sold my "first" guitar but it was such a piece of shit that i had no problem with it, i also just started to play when i sold it but i consider my epi les paul my first guitar and im never getting rid of it
Keep it man.
I still have mine 24yrs later and I still play it often.
I can almost guarantee that you will regret it 5 years from now. Even if it is just a basic beginners model, use it as wall art.
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I don't get why people have such a hard time selling their first guitars, my first guitar was a piece of shit and I don't regret selling it. I don't get attached to me personal items. However if you really have a hard time letting it go, just don't sell it and just save a bit more until you have enough.
I played my first guitar for 3 years, then when I finally bought a new one, I didnt touch it for a few months. Since my new one had a Floyd, I decided to use my first one as a downtune guitar, played it for a bit, and then barely touched the new one for months.
It was from Wal Mart, but it still feels better to play than most other ones ive used
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I'd try to sell mine but it's as good as dead so i haven't bothered. Seeing as you have an alright guitar already, like many others have said, use it as a back up or play around with different tuning. I wish my other electric was still in one piece so i could down tune it and other cool things.
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Send it a text message and then make a Facebook wall post just to reinforce the fact that it's over!

Seriously, though, if the guitar has sentimental value, just keep it. It's not like you're going to get meaningful amount of cash from an Epi SG anyway. My first guitar was a Gibson SG faded and I still have that thing despite getting about 4 other guitars along the way - it just feels comfortable having it around and even after all of these years, I still like the tone and the feel of the guitar.
Looking at buying my second guitar after six years of playing - in due time, huh?

I don't have any trouble switching to something else, but I will definitely keep my first guitar forever!
keep it and modify it, use it for other tunings or genres, if not stick in a longboat, set it alight and push it into a lake, viking style
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Well, For me I removed the fretboard for no real reason. (My first guitar was a First Act) The neck was kinda messed up thanks to me trying to install a Zero Fret. Guess I'll use the fretboard for a mandolin or something one day.
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Keep it and start a collection.

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Keep it!!!

I sold my first guitar (a BC Rich bronze warlock) a few years ago and regret it so much.
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Yea keep it. Good backup for unexpected tech trips and the like.
Ntm it looks cool. My first was a 100$ Washburn superstrat. I had it for 3-4 weeks and gave it to some kid. It currently resides in a dark dank closet. Where it belongs.
I parted with my first 2 and consider my third my first. My first was a crappy dept store strat and the second was an epi lp II that I became unhappy with over time. My favorite of the initial starters is a blonde/butterscotch squier affinity tele that I love to death I will never sell it.
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I don't get why people have such a hard time selling their first guitars, my first guitar was a piece of shit and I don't regret selling it. I don't get attached to me personal items. However if you really have a hard time letting it go, just don't sell it and just save a bit more until you have enough.

thats why you don't get it.

and yeah if your first guitar plays all right then don't get rid of it. the neck if nothing else will always feel like home to you. just throw some guitarfetish pickups inthat thing and it will be worlds better I bet, and for not much money.
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I still have my first guitar after like 15 years of abuse and neglect. I will never sell it. In all likely hood, I will be buried with it. no joke. Im not even a nostalgic person.
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I got my first guitar from a senior in my computer class for $10 and the answers to a test, a squier strat without the whammy bar. It's been through all kinds of crazy looks, from stickers to gum wrappers for that shiny metal look, now it's slowly being completely rebuilt from the ground up. If you really need money to get your next guitar sell it, but otherwise keep it, Sg's are cool, and if it's an sg special err pop some GFS mean 90's in it and rock on
For that quality, I'd keep it in a different tuning perhaps and mod it.

If it was a cheap old thing, give it to a charity. That's what I just did today to my first grocery-store guitar.
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But seriously, don't sell it, keep it(: It's always nice to keep your first guitar, even if it's a cheap beginner's guitar
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Keep it and start a collection.

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