i'm just wondering how they will age. i know that mexi's have that thick ass poly finish and will never look road worn and that the highway 1's have a super thin nitro finish that makes them age super fast. but how do the American specials and standards age? what kind of finish do they have on them and when will i expect an aged looking guitar? thanks
i've got a 1989 mia strat that i have owned from new.

the painted (black) bodywork is much the same as when i bought it except for the odd ding and scratch here and there. the white scratchplate, knobs and pup covers have aged nicely into a creamy sort of shade. the maple fingerboard has darkened quite a lot.
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Those have a rather thin Urethane finish, no idea how fast they will age, but if you want the guitar to age and look old ASAP, get a Highway One or Road Worn IMO.

However, I didn't like the Highway One as much as the American Special.
Get whatever feels good to you, if you like the instrument you can have it re-painted and relic'd later on if it doesn't show any signs of aging.
American Specials and Standards use Polyurethane finishes. Short of abuse, they won't ever age, either.
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