I call this a metalcore tune, but I don't even know what genre it is to be honest.

Anyway, I'm just looking for ways to improve what I have so far. I've got some writers block goin' and I can't seem to add to it or change it and be happy with it.

I dont even.gp5
I dont even.gp4
Not a bad piece of work. It's not a ____core yet though because it lacks a breakdown, one of the defining pieces of the core genres.

So maybe you'd want to start there, adding a purely rhythmic chug-chug open-power chord riff of madness.

Another possible part would be a whole/half note chorus, with power chords reminiscent of those I have in my three GP6 songs I have up on my profile, backed by a strong drum beat.

The latter might have less fit in your song, but I hope I helped you with some ideas.

Edit: After looking at your favorite bands, both my ideas have lost nearly all their relevance... I'll continue fiddling with your song to see if I can come up with a more useful idea for you, but no promises....
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