ive recently come across the jimi hendrix experience pedal by digitech and i can get it for 75 euro...is it any good?

im not usually into modellers but some demos seems to have a good sound. of course i know it wont make me hendrix but it has a wah, echo as well as distortion and some effects which ive been looking into and most reviews say its quite good
I've heard that it is pretty good and I tried to find one for a while 'bout a year ago and couldn't get my hands on one. Unfortunately, I don't have any first person experience with it.
It's not as fantastic as some of the reviews I have read would lead you to believe (plug in - sound like Jimi!) but for 75e and the range of tones it offers I would probably get one myself.

I tried one out for around 20 minutes when they first came out and was reasonably imppressed with the accuracy of the effects - I'm not too keen on modelling, either - although playing it through a VT15 and a Squire Tele in store meant I didn't get near my own sound and certainly didn't sound like Hendrix even through the Voodoo Chile setting. It was close enough, though. I suppose if I had used a 1968 Standard Strat into a late '60s 100 watt Super Lead then I could have been far closer. Although if I had the cash to buy that stuff then I'd be hunting down Mayer originals and the like, too...
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well ill be playing mine through a fendedr jag through a marshall jmc 800 bass amp which just sounds great.

i didnt really understand how it works though...can you bypass through it?

i will obviously try it out before i buy