I have found a hybrid amp that has one tube and the rest is transistor based, any good?
There is no way of knowing unless someone has experience with them. In general a full tube amp is preferable to a hybrid. Hybrid doesn't mean any particular amp design. An amp could be mostly tube with some op amp amplification and it's a hybrid. An amp could be almost all solid state with just one tube for tone shaping and it's a hybrid. An amp could have an all tube preamp with a SS power amp, or the opposite an all tube power amp with SS or digital preamp amp, and it's a hybrid.

They are all different and it's up to you to test them to find out if they're good enough.
Depends. Most of the time the tube doesnt seem to do much to help the amp play much better. Ive had a behringer hybrid that didnt sound very tube like at all (it is a behringer). But for example with the vypyr tube compared to the solid state version its quite an upgrade.
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