Well I've noticed since the first 5 albums they came out, Rise Against has been using 1/2 Step Down tuning. Now my question is, I've noticed the new tabs coming out for the new album Endgame have been labeled Drop D tabs.

Did Rise Against go Drop D on their new material or is it just the people who are transposing the tabs using drop D?
Zach Blair said in the interview posted on here a couple days ago that they used a guitar with strings made for drop tunings, which implies that they did go to drop D on a couple songs. I know that Help Is On the Way is a 1/2 step down though, and I think most of the other ones are too.
ive noticed a lot of the tabs on this site for Rise Against are in Drop D, but this is wrong. The majority of the songs they play are actually just 1/2 step down. It still sounds the same when you play in drop D (the chords adjusted for it of course) but it's just not the way that they play it.
satelite is very often in drop d here, but on the webisode video you can clearly see its half step down =)
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