Hey guys, just a question..

I have a Marshall 1936 2x12 cab, and a Blackstar HT-5

At the moment the speaker lead goes from the 8ohm input on the cab to the 1x8ohm input on the head.

Now the cab, has two inputs, the 8ohm one says 8 on top, but 16 underneath, then the other input just says 16.

Now on my head, their is a 1x8, 1x16 and a 2x16.
Could I get a 2nd speaker lead, and plug one end of both leads into each input on the cab, then into the 2x16 inputs on the head?

For stereo? As in both speakers?

Any advantage in this? Or more importantly, would this work and not blow up my amp!
Thanks in advance,

EDIT: ok I always thought only 1 speaker was being used, but just had a listen and both are making a sound! lol, so what happens if I still done what I have explained above?
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I'm thinking that the cab has 2 - 16 ohm speakers wired in parallel for an 8 ohm total. Amp head set to 8 ohms for mono operation (pretty much what most of us do).

You could run the cab in stereo meaning each speaker would have its own connection and would be viewed independently at 16 ohms each.

You don't have a stereo head (that I am aware of) so doing this second option is pointless. If you got another amp head though you could technically run each head into one of each of the speakers at 16 ohms each.
Ive read so much information on Cabs and Ohms over the past 2 hours, and been pretty confused. But your post just tied everything up and now I get it! Thanks you lol.

Yeah I don't think the head is stereo, and If I did do that I would get phase problems?

I won't do that anyways now. As for another head that would be way into the future I think :p.
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The main application for running a stereo cab is either 2 heads or a stereo head that has a wet/dry capability for things like delay/phaser/etc. Either way you run a risk of phase problems. The true stereo gem is running 2 cabs in stereo with a fair amount of separation.

I'm not an expert in this field tho


2 speakers wired in series you just add them together. 8 ohm + 8 ohm = 16 ohms total.
2 speakers wired in parallel you divide basically. 16 ohm + 16 ohm = 8 ohms total.

When connecting 2 cabs together in a daisy chain (mono NOT stereo) then you also treat as parallel. An 8 ohm cab connected to another 8 ohm cab would give you a 4 ohm load total.

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