My alt. rock band is getting ready to go into a studio to make our first EP. We aren't a bunch of stuck-up rich kids with lots of cash and are looking to do it relatively on the cheap, while still having a good recording. There is a studio near our home town here: http://rextrax.com/
I was wondering what UG would think of the studio, judging by the recordings and info on its website...
that's not too far from where i live...

nothing about that studio looks all that impressive, but given their rates, that is to be expected. i'm sure they can get the job done and well enough, but dont be expecting the best recording you've ever heard. the gear and mics are all pretty cheap, and the rooms dont look all that amazing but they'll definitely be able to record you better than you'd be able to at home without paying a whole lot of money. i haven't looked around for cheaper studios in the area, but i'd say give it a shot.

Shoot man, if you're in that part of the ATL and want a little help getting ready for the studio or some production help, PM me. no matter how much you're paying for studio time, you want to go in there %100 ready so you dont waste time/money.
Well, just looking at their equipment list makes me shudder especially their Mac (Im sorry but if you're not running a mac with an intel processor, you need to upgrade). A large majority of the gear they have is low end to mid level gear. Also, after listening to their recordings, I can achieve similar results if not better ones with the gear I already own.

Personally, you're just paying for an overpriced home studio. I've seen studios with better gear for half the price in my area. Then again, you can invest in recording gear and do it at home for the same price it would cost to record a CD at a studio
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