Ok, so I need some help with a problem I've been having with my 1 spot 9 volt adapter. It works fine when powering all of my pedals individually, but when I try to connect a second pedal, it doesn't power it. Does anybody know how I can fix this? I'm really sick of only being able to use one pedal at a time.
My 1Spot powers almost a dozen Boss pedals at the same time. Which pedals are you trying to power?
The only thing I can think of, is the 1Spot is defective and "crowbarring." Crowbarring is a condition where a power supply senses an overload condition and it shuts itself down to protect it from damage. The 1Spot is capable of supplying an amp of current and none of those pedals draw anywhere near that. How long have you had it? It may be under warranty, if it's bad.
Interesting, I have a 1spot as well (2 actually) powering all my pedals and haven't yet encountered this problem. As KG6_Steven said, it may be crowbarring. You can also look for a one-spot compatibility chart, the 1spot doesn't work with all pedals, certain ones don't take well. You should also look into buying another 9v adapter, onespot or better, or even just singular ones (but that might be a bit more costly).
I've had it for at least a year, but haven't been using it with multiple pedals until somewhat recently. I'll check and see if it is under warranty. The weird thing is that when I hook it up to all my pedals, the one that's first in the chain still works, no matter which pedal.
1 spot eh? Stopped using it due to the hum it added to some of my pedals. Might be something as simple as a break in the cable
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Try connecting the other pedals, one pedal at a time, to other positions on the chain. Do all of the connectors on the cable work? If not, it's your cable, as suggested by Mark. Regarding hum... I've never had any issues with hum on mine.