The first thing I noticed is the mix could use a little work. The vocals are a little low in the mix. I not really a fan of the screaming so I can't really critique that part. The actual singing was good. I liked the vocal effect you used. Overall a good well put together song. Just needs to be polished!
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The song is awesome, but I agree that the mix could use a little work. Nothing but a little bit of polishing.
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dude, i personally think your recordings are some of the best on the whole site. hell ive been listening to some of ur songs a few times in a row now. really nice job, keep it coming
I saw you critted my thread, and I forgot to respond back then (like two months ago?), so here we go.

It seems like the song is gone, so I will crit your other song. The one that's on your profile now.

To me it gives out a lot of early Nirvana vibe, like the Bleach area, I'm thinking of the way the guitar and vocals work together at some parts. The chorus on the other hand sounds a lot more like modern metal, which I'm not as much a fan of. Your singing sounds better during the chorus tough!

Nice panning and rythms between the guitars also.
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