In the case of a song where the bass is hard to hear, why do you need to get it exact to the original? If the bass isn't playing a defining roll, then as long as you're playing something that fits the rhythm and harmony, it doesn't really matter. Root notes are your friend in this situation.

As it happens, in this song, the bass is just root notes anyway (or at least the 30-40 seconds I could stand to listen to before I turned it off). Figure out the notes for yourself and go from there. Also, don't listen to songs through laptop speakers - the bass was perfectly audible in that.

Anyway, I'll help you out this time, the first part is just the sequence F#, C#, D# and B. I don't know if it changes later on because as I said, I couldn't bear to carry on listening to that.

EDIT: I'm gonna put my flameshield up here, but don't rely on tabs. Especially for simple stuff like this, you'll do your ears a world of good by simply learning to figure it out for yourself.
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Like someone said, listen for the root notes. The bass isnt doing anything special (lol I think it's synth bass) I'm not sure what key its in but the chords are: I V VI IV. In the key of C that would be Cmaj Gmaj Amin Fmaj.

Edit: Ha, I totally missed the dude above me who explained it. He is right, use your ears. Its hard at first but gets easier and its a valuable skill to have.
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hey thanks for your help.. I;ve been trying to nail it by ear. sounds like the first chord starts on the E? does it mean it will be in the key of E?
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It'll be Emaj, Bmaj, C#min and Amaj.

Just like every other song in the world.
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