I love the intro. The sound is great. The mix sounds a little bass heavy but that may be cause I have bose speakers and they're always bass heavy. The feedback part is the perfect lead into the chord melody. The solo sounds good. I was expecting something more out of the box but what you played is technically and melodically great. Great job!

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Nice, really nice intro and I love the bass in it. Love it when the drums break in! Really nice rock piece, great leadwork too! Nice solid song!

Quite a muddy mix, grab an EQ and take out under 200Hz on all the guitars to let that bass have breathing room. Maybe hard pan those two muted rhythm tracks to left and right to make the mix more spacious. Also spread out the reverb a little, it feels like its been tied into the centre of the track, reverb works best as stereo reverb hard panned to the extremes.

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Somehow the intro (before the clean guitar came in) reminded me of the live version of Supermassive Black Hole from Muse. :P

The bass line is great, and that little feedback before the riff at ~0:45 was well thought. The track is really chill until the drum comes, nice change there. For the rest, the solo had some good moments at some place, and your playing is good !

I don't have really much criticism, except as Cyberbob said, maybe work a bit more on the EQ. The bass sounds a but burried.

Please check mine when you have some time.
Thanks guys! This one was done in one day, and I didn't spend a whole lot of time on the mix just for the sake of getting feedback on the music of it...

And Kevin, my normal style doesn't really know where the "box" is, so when I say this is different, I mean it's more of a normal rock style.
real nice nice use of layers..the mix is good and the tones are nice. when the drum kicks in it all flows nice. Almost chill/trance like. This would suit a vid of some thing...like a car being built but in that sped up kinda way.