I've been playing guitar for 7 years, and while I find myself playing Yngwie Malmsteen, I have no clue which notes are which, what they are called, ect...

So I am learning Mel Bays Modern Guitar Method! Reading notes is like learning the alphabet all over again.....

I don't know why I posted this thread, really, but has anyone ever gotten to grade 6/7 in the Mel Bay books?
I got to around grade 5. It is actually really challenging at certain points but it's definitely worth it. If you keep working you will sight read like a beast. It also helps you to read notes in different positions.
I can't help you directly with your question but a word of encouragement for you.

I learnt to read and write Thai a few years back (already at the ripe old age of 40 so the brain was already starting to dry up ) and believe me, when you first look at it it looks impossible. (นี่คือตัวอย่างเล็ก ๆ ของการเขียนภาษาไทย But after a fairly short while it really does just start to click and you can recognise things a lot easier. I am assuming it will be the same with music, at least I hope so as I have just started myself.

Good luck and stick with it, I'm sure it will be worthwhile.
I use it currently in my lessons and am up to 5 or 6. It has really has improved my sight reading and overall reading ability, given I already knew how to read music. It was also good learning how to play in different positions, which the book taught well. In the beginning the songs are kind of boring, but in the higher levels you get to play some pretty nice sounding stuff. I'd definitely recommend it to any guitarist who wants to be a more proficient reader and player.