Can anyone tell me how to make riffs using scale progressions? Like those used in a lot of metal today..

Learn a scale and fiddle around with it. If you need inspiration, learn some songs that have riffs that use that scale.
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A "scale progression" isn't a thing. If you just mean scale, every riff/melody/whatever ever is in a scale, save for intentionally atonal music.
Learn scale and use notes in scale to make a riff.

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Easy guide for making a riff

1. Learn the notes of a scale. Let's choose E minor, because metal usually uses minor scales and E because it is the pitch of the 6th string, assuming you'r in standard tune.
E minor= E F# G A B C D E
Make sure you know what frets these notes are at!

2. Fiddle around with the notes from this scale to create pattern that sounds good and can be repeated.

- Try adding some powerchords to the riff. A powerchord is a chord that contains a root note and a 5th. The powerchord for E would have the notes E and B [the fifth note]. This is called E5 because of the 5th. Another example: the powerchord for G5 would be G and D.
- Add some articulations to make your riff sound interesting. Palm-muting, alternate picking and hammer ons/pull offs are commonly used.
- Play around with rhythm too. Nobody likes a crotchet, crotchet crotchet, crotchet...riff in 4/4


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