i was watching this video and really loved the sound that the eventides were making. however, i don't at all have the $400 necessary to get that pedal. i've been looking at getting a boss dd-3, is there any way that pedal can make delays that sound like the eventide?
Short answer: no.

Long answer: Definitely no.

There's a reason the Eventide is $400 or so, and the BOSS is only $100 or so.

Vastly different work goes into making the two pedals, they sound extremely different (the Eventide uses really high quality algorithms for delay generation, the BOSS... not so much), you get way more variety with the Eventide, but the BOSS is more compact and ultimately more economical than the Eventide.

I'm not saying you can't get a good sound out of the BOSS (and I've owned one) but you're not going to get a DD-3 sounding like an Eventide without taking it apart and modding the hell out of it. Maybe not even then.
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