Hi, I figured this was the best section to post since it has to do with amp feedback. Before everyone hates on me for owning one of these solid state Marshalls, I'd like to say its only for practice and not gigging haha. Anyways, one day out of the blue, I just plugged in to jam and the feedback was extremely bad. It's been like this for probably a month and I've done all the obvious things to try to solve it but nothing seemed to work. The only thing i can think of is it being a bad component or something. I've tried different guitars and pedals and I'm certain that's its the amp. Any help, ideas, or advice would be much appreciated! Thx.
you might try moving it around and make sure all the electronics in the room are off.
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you got more than just a feedback issue my friend.....................

check connections to the speaker....if the back is open on those things ( i really dont know) or ummmmm, what gutiars did you try it with?
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I tried an I ibanez iceman ic300, a fender starcaster, and a really old samick stratocaster.
Marshall MG250DFX Here's your problem!
But seriously, does it still feedback with the volume down, or when you move away from the amp?
If so, try turning the gain/Treble down. Maybe the tone on your guitar a little bit
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It can only be a very very low volume in order for it to have no feedback at all. It does help when I move further away and turn the guitar away from it as well, but feedback still occurs. The gain helped and i noticed that it started getting pretty bad when I went above about 5.