when i was sanding my top to thin it a bit to bring it to final thickness i noticed the maple isnt the same thickness in every spot. im not sure if its warping or if im just a poor sander, but i was paying close attention to sand the whole top evenly.

it fluctuates by about 2mm which isnt that much atall but im not sure whether or not it will cause problems or if it is a problem

dont know if u can tell, but here the wood is thicker on the right

and here is the top divided into different thicknesses
in the red it decreases by about 1mm from left to right, 12mm-11mm
the blue square is 13mm thick
the green square is 11mm thick
the grey one is about 12

thanks to anyone who has anything to advise about this
even when it seems like you're sanding evenly, you usually put uneven pressure in certain areas. the pressure difference may be small, but it adds up. since the top wood is just different thicknesses and not actually warped, I'd answer your question with..no, it's not warped, it's just the way you were sanding

The height in the picture is noticeable but still small... how are you going to be finishing it? you may be able to hide the thickness differences in the end product, or you may have to be a bit more careful with sanding. or maybe find someone with a thickness sander (as opposed to a planer), then just do lighter final sanding
thats sorta what i was hoping for, thanks man.

well ive still got to carve and bind it if that changes anything, but im going to stain the top, grainfill the back and put nitro on it. il definetly pay more attention when sanding from now on
Judging by the thickness of the top and the thickness of the body it is glued to, if they were stable pieces of wood then they probably wouldnt warp that much that quickly.

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