I play rhythm guitar in a Punk/ska/folk rock band and I'm looking for a good amp that I can play clean, but really loud.

I bought a hot rod deville 212 III and while it sounds really nice, I need a lot more clean head room. Like, it sounds great when I turn the amp to 2, but any higher than that and I start getting distorted.

I need something that can be played fast and loud, while still staying crisp and clean. I don't really need amp distortion, I don't mind using a pedal for that. A Fender '65 Super Reverb Amp was recommended to me, and I can find used ones for around 800-900 bucks.

My price range is 1000 dollars. I can go a little over though if it's worth it.
why do you need a clean amp to play punk/ska?
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why do you need a clean amp to play punk/ska?

reggae and ska are played clean or with very little distortion
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We also have a strong folk influence and we like to keep it pretty clean for that too.

We have songs where we strum fast and hard, but like to keep it clean kinda thing.

But yeah, I'm looking into the fender 65 super reverb amp. I can buy it used for like 800 bucks which is sweet cause it's like a 2000 dollar amp, or so I've read.
If you could fork out for a Twin Reverb, they're supposed to have miles of headroom
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All I can suggest would be Fender or Carvin.

+1 on the Carvin awesome clean tone.

I can't figure out the combination of styles coming out of one amp.

Ska is all about having a great clean tone.

Punk is the exact opposite might be easier just to use two amps.
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At the whole ska/punk thing.

Assuming this band is more ska than punk then cleans are vital and the punk element won't be particularly overdriven punk (just assuming here!) I mean, look at The Clash, very clean tone, but very punk!

Anyway, I'll have to agree with Fender and Carvin is a great option too!
You could find a high-end solid state amp (many jazz guitarists use good solid state amps because they have amazing cleans) like a Roland Jazz Chorus or something.

If you get reaaally lucky you might find something like a Two Rock Studio Pro 35 on ebay for a bit over your price range (I believe they cost around $2k new, so if you get lucky you might find a decently priced one), Two Rock amps have real nice clean tones on 'em.
Also Scott from Reel Big Fish (well...ex-RBF) used Two Rock.