Ok, I currently have a body which I will grain fill tomorrow, use body filler, get all smooth, and paint up. No problem, right?

Well.... It is for a project that is due in two weeks. I have to prime, do a color coat, do a stencil, clear coat, wet sand, and buff. It won't be able to cure like it's supposed to. Waiting longer than my two week deadline is not an option.

What are my odds of it looking like crap? The finish will just be soft, won't it?
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Yeah... I know it's risky but I have no other option.... What exactly can go wrong?

Depending how soft the clear is at that time, you may find that it picks up an imprint of any textured material you might lay the guitar on.

If you buff/polish too early, you might also find that the shine will dull and the whole guitar would need to be rebuffed and polished... which puts you at risk of cutting through the clear.

What tonewood is the guitar made of? Does it have a nice grain pattern? If so, you could always use oil. It will dry much quicker and depending on the wood, something like sapele or mahogany, it would look pretty nice.