Hey all, I'm trying to pick up a mid-priced MIDI keyboard (probably nothing over $200) for adding different instruments to my tracks. Mostly I'm interested in realistic sounding strings, pianos, organs and synths. I have Propellerhead Reason already installed on my computer. Any advice?
A MIDI keyboard doesn't actually have sounds. All it does is send midi data to your DAW and then VST instruments provide the sound. Your best bet for realistic sounds will be to use that $200 on some nice virtual instruments and then using the piano roll to program all the notes. I'm not a proficient piano player so I end up using the piano roll a lot more than I use my midi keyboard.
Basically what Odi said

Though if you do need a midi keyboard (Which I suggest if you do program a lot of synths), anything M-Audio is pretty good
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Seconding M-Audio if you're still wanting to get a controller. I got a second hand Axiom-49 for 50 bucks and it's been great.
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