Hey Pit, tomorrow I'm going to put a Fender FM100 head and Fender Metalhead 412 cab on layaway. For both, it's costing me $400CAN. I'm getting them from my local pawn shop. I do have rather diverse playing styles, and metal is often one of them. So, from those who have used these things or own them, is this a good deal? Is it possible to get a good metal tone with such a combination? Cheers, thanks!
No, to both questions.

I think you can get an Ibanez Tone Blaster head for the same price as the FM, which would be better for metal, but is still not very good.

At that budget your best option is a combo. A Bugera 333 of some sort would be a good choice for versatility.
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To get a metal tone you will need to set it up as a horizontal stack as follows:

If that doesn't have enough gain then pick up a DS-1 and try this out:

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have you actually tried the amp?

especially if you are putting it on layaway and then saving up for / paying off incrementally.
just save up your money till you have enough then go shopping rather than deciding before you can purchase it outright.
^ This.

Man, if you're saving 400 clams why not save more? Get something worth a cent rather than some crappy quality amp.
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