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C4C - Crit about anything on the track.

If C4C it would be cool to listen to something rockin'

hey man i like it alot....very charging good old fashioned rock and roll and has a nice hook.Cool solo(very ballsy and gritty) as well....the vocals aren't bad either and maybe some overdubb(like another harmony on top)will help spice it up a bit.All in all i found it to be a nice mix of modern alternative rock,punk and a bit of ac/dc in there...good job

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First off, mixing; guitars need low end taken out and more sparkle on the highs. Very muddy. Vocals are similar, EQ is needed to bring them forward in the mix. That should help the bass be more audible as well. Balance is generally good for level, except for the quiet vocals. Make more use of panning, spread out that drumkit a little and the guitars could be panned a little, it's a very centre focussed mix.

Musically it's a nice rock tune, nice riff, but nothing really groudbreaking. There's a bridge that's quite and interesting, but otherwise it's a little generic.

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