Short and sweet, I just got a guitar from a buddy. I want to learn hardcore. What are some tips? I'm going for a heavier sound like Trapped Under Ice, Cruel Hand, Harms Way etc. Examples of tunings and maybe some basic progressions would be appreciated.
Pretty much any drop tuning, drop d, drop c, or you can play in D standard if you want. Just use a basic I-IV-V progression, ex. E,A, B. And knowing a couple of octave fifth power chords, some minor and major thirds and of course the A minor pentatonic and blues scale
breakdowns, 2 steps, circle pits, and build ups. try to listen to what's going on in all that sh*t.
after you learned a few basics about playing guitar start with learning how to palm mute, almost in every breakdown you'll hear palm open strings and other various patterns. and then after that just fu*k around with bar chords. I started out playing pop punk songs when I first started playing guitar, learning terror songs could be a little tough for a beginner but it doesn't mean you can't tale a short cut, just have fun and be patcient
I'd say forget about anything genre specifitc and just focus on getting to grops with the basics of learning the guitar.
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I didn't really answer your question so let me try this again, not too many bands play in standard e, winds of plague manages to play in the same tuning as avril lavinge and stay heavy as balls but that's not really hardcore. then there's drop d: terror,grave maker, madball? I could be wrong but I think they all play in drop d. a half step down or c# is all. reignsupreme, hoods. I can't really tell u how many bands play in c#.
drop c consist of as I lay dying, I know not hardcore but i m just going threw the familiar sounds, lionheart plays in drop c, donnybrook plays in d standard. and idk how to explain all the rest without writting an entire pageof what bands play in what.
thanks for the help so far, and its not my first time playing, i just haven't played in a few years.