Poll: Do you have stage fright? :)
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13 18%
19 26%
Depending on the situation
41 56%
Voters: 73.
If it involves public speaking I feel physically sick.
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everything that you've come to expect

Depends really.

I can stand in front of audience and talk all day, and playing guitar is cool.

Singing though.... my God. Doubt I will be doing that again in a hurry. I have confidence in my speaking and guitar skills; I have no faith in my singing ability
I can speak in front of everyone easily.
But I get a little nervous playing my guitar.
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This thread reminds me of the speech I'm supposed to be writing that's due on Monday that I haven't started.
I used to be rather good at public speaking, but now I always fuck up and get a little tongue-tied.

Playing guitar in front of people isn't a problem, I just never know what to play, and when they say "Just play anything" it doesn't help.
i can guitar in front of a crowd no problem, skateboard too. I think its a confidence thing, because I can get some serious stage fright with public speaking and singing.
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Here's a list of what happens to me when I do an oral presntation:

1. Sweaty back of neck
2. Mouth dries up like a mother
3. Tongue does backflips
4. Speak too fast

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I am such a complete stage hog that the only reason I get shaky knees on stage is because I'm so excited that I finally get to be there again.
WHO CARES ABOUT THE ROYAL WEDDING?! here in th states, its not so bad that the wedding itself is news, but when you spend a 5 minute segment on the dress/the cake/the knot on the wads tie, its really absurd.

i used to get stage fright, but with my job, it doesnt bother me much anymore. and to the gui whose friends say "just play anything", i HATE that. hahah
Gigs and public speaking are easy. Asking girls out is hard if that counts.
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I am such a complete stage hog that the only reason I get shaky knees on stage is because I'm so excited that I finally get to be there again.
I'm the same and I love it.
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I think everybody gets a little anxious before performing/speaking in front of people but it's not something to drown yourself in. If you can get comfortable and have a good time in front of a crowd it generally rubs off onto 'em
For some reason I seem to think that I get stage fright, but in reality I haven't for years. Although sometimes my hands shake uncontrollably, especially when holding rustly pieces of paper.

I think it's time we blow this scene
Get everybody and the stuff together
Let's jam

Depends if I know what I'm doing I quite enjoy speaking or performing in front of people.
Playing in a band, I don't get much stage fright. Performing on my own, though (piano)...

On the other hand, I've had so many auditions this spring I'm starting to get over it.
I don't like anything that involves words in front of lots of people. When I HAVE TO, I panic a little and swear. Nothing else.
I can play guitar in front of a load of people though.


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I'm always nervous getting up on stage, but I'm able to shrug it off after the first song starts
I voted no, but I do get it when I speak in public. But that's something I only had to do for speech class and that doesn't count. Otherwise, I never get stage fright.
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I thought I did, but once you get up there and start enjoying yourself it's no problem.