Hi guy's

i am a noob with floyd rose
i have a Cort x-11

i have low string action issue , means i am not able to get a very good low string action on it.

my floyd rose has 4 strings attached underneath .

My neck is straight , it doesnt have an arc near the top 3 locking nut's

i recently made a little arc in neck by losening the truss rod. but still the strings buzz on bit low action

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^Your floyd is tilted way too much backwards. You say you have 4 strings in the back, but I'm gonna assume you mean springs. Try removing one. If that levels it out, congratulations. If it leans too much forward then you're gonna want to screw in the spring claw a bit until it's levelled. But your best option is to go to the New and improved FR setup guide sticky thread and get a good basic understanding of the principles that make it work.
thanks , Yes i meant spring hehe

but the main thing in that guide confuses me with "Saddles" . i dont know how they work

i will do try to remove the 4th spring tomorrow morning . right now i r at work :/
Hi guys, i checked i have only 3 spring's on the back .

and i found the factory settings for my cort x11

Factory Setting Guide for Electric Gutiars

Neck Relief: At 8th Fret, 0.25mm(.010") standard / 0.30mm(.012") Vintage type
String Action: At 14th Fret, 1.6mm(1/16") to 2.0mm(5/64")
Nut Heights: At 1st Fret, 0.5mm(.020") to 0.7mm(.028")
PU Heights: Low E 2.5mm(3/32") / High E 3.0mm(1/8")

Its quite frustrating . If i get the first 12 fret's correct , the lower one's buzz and then i have to readjust the spring's and the bridge level :/

Any idea's ?