From the discontinued body shape thread, some pics of my old girl were requested.
Here you go:

I still have the bridge cover, and case. Its original except for the slide switches which were replaced with Fender replacements and a replacement trem bar that I don't use.
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that's pretty sexy.
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Thank you, very nice. They could have gone in that thread but this is fine I guess.

That's a beauty.
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that's hot dude. I have a Mustang bass and considering in buying the stripe decal.
Beautiful guitar man, was thinking about picking one up recently but the hefty pricetag put me off. Should have picked one up a long time ago when they were half the price Fender wants now but oh well. Nonetheless you still got a wonderful guitar, hope it sounds as good as it looks!
Sweet! I dig the competition stripes...too bad they don't make 'em like that anymore.
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