Hi guys, i'm looking for a Tube Amp Head for home recording, and i've narrowed it down to the VOX Nightrain N5H and the Blackheart BH5H. Both a great sounding little heads, and the Blackheart is about £60.00 cheaper, but which would everyone prefer? I'm torn between both, a little input from you guys might help.


Vox Lil Night train:

i'd go for the vox. because it has 2 pre amp tubes instead of 1, i prefer vox' sound, i prefer vox' look.

also the vox has bright and thick mode which is generally two channel. the thick bypasses the EQ and bring nice OD.
one thing that really is tricky is that the vox has no middle EQ and the blackheart does. so you should check them both out and see if the lack of middle in the EQ section matters much to tone and different volume levels.
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i'd go for the vox. because it has 2 pre amp tubes instead of 1,

I haven't tried either, but that's not really a good reason to go for the vox. The 12au7 is a dual triode valve- i.e. two valves in one. That makes me suspect that the power amp in the lil night train is push-pull, which means it needs a phase inverter. For which it would probably use the extra preamp tube.

tl;dnr: that extra preamp tube probably isn't even in the preamp.
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I own the 5w Lil Giant. They are going to have different tones, take a listen to demos of both on Youtube. The LG is good for classic rock, and blues, maybe even jazz. No metal or country. The tone stack on the LG is not that great, it only cuts the frequienceies. But if you are recording, you are gonna have 10+ band EQ anyway.

I love my LG, even if it is a little bassy (I use the BH112 cab). Usually I cut the base to about 3-4.

The LG is also designed to be modded, there are quite a few sites out there that explain all the mods you can do.
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