I have a problem, when I practice slowly with a metronome alternate picking is no problem, but when I wind it up a notch i start to economy pick instead which makes me sad .
So should I give up alternate picking and start using economy picking instead? Or is it better for me to practice slowly until I get it right?
economy picking is also useful i tend to use it after i know the riff or solo piece very well. it depends on what kind of tone you want but if your goal is to alternate pick the whole thing then dont give up on it. you might have a problem because of the angle you hold your pick or the kinda of pick you use. for fast alternate sections i always use a smaller heavy sharp pick like a little stubby dunlop pick or a big stubby of course i use those picks all the time. people often overlook the importance of their pick choice, its the only thing that links your right hand to the sound of your attack. just stick it out and play a lot of boring scales with alternate picking and you will make progress. dont get frustated it will just make you sound worse so relax and play it cleanly use that pinkie and find the right pick.
You should try to become proficient with both.
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