Hi, at the moment my rig is pretty simple; guitar into wah pedal into amp. But I'm looking at getting a talkbox, I've heard things about talkboxes damaging amps and a few people have said to use an A/B splitter. Can someone explain to me how they work? And how I should set it al up. I've got the second amp (just an old 80 watt solid state) and a microphone. Thanks in advance.
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modern talkboxes like the rocktron banshee don't need a second amp because they tend to have a small internal amplifier to power them, and as a result there's no risk of damaging anything. you don't need an A/B switch either - they do that internally too.

when people talk about talkboxes damaging amplifiers they are talking about vintage talk-boxes that had to be connected to an external amp in order to drive the speaker within the talkbox, and often the impedances wouldn't match, or the speakers weren't capable of handling the wattage that the amplifier supplied.
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