i wasn't really nerved, and i didn't really ****ed up compared to the practices, i've just done some primal mistakes that made you believe that, i wasn't aware that my guitar was sat that high, the "gig" was actually a 20 player performance that were separated to groups and the 80% of the audience was their family.
if and when ill have standard gig with friends and actual full band i guess we'll play thing a little big easer(not sure about it) and let some more feel into it(although, it seems that at the orion cover solo i've added some feel)
not bad dude!
first off you need a bit more distortion, once you get that a bit of delay/reverb.
and there was one fast run that was kind of not there.

But your legato runs are pretty happening, which is great keep it up!

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Nice job mate,

Although the faster parts were sloppy. But keeping in mind, that you are performing for a audience, it's still pretty good. Just work on the fast parts a bit.

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