After reading over and commenting on the topic of the number of guitars its appropriate to play in one shopping trip I came with an odd question, do you ever have the issue of blurriness when playing multiple guitars in one sitting? I'm talking about if you go out to look/buy with nothing quite in mind and you sit there through quite a few of them do they start to blend together? I only ask because I know my last excursion ended up like that where I wasn't sure which one was which because I sat down through about a half dozen or more models.
Yeah, all the time! If I'm trying to compare a bunch of guitars I try to break it up into multiple trips. Otherwise it's too hard for me to remember what I liked about each one and they all start to blend together. Although you can't wait too long between trips because then you'll forget how certain models played/felt/etc. I try to do it on back-to-back days.
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Oh definitely, yeah!

I hate that. The couple of times I was on holiday in places with kickass guitar shops, I went in with grand ideas about trying tons of stuff, and by the time I was on my fourth guitar or amp, I was pretty much punchdrunk.
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Yeah happens all the time, last timethe only thiing that stood out was a laguna guitar for 250 bucks...looked kinda ugly, but it played and sounded beautiful.
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yup. definitely. I find its because most of the guitars aren't quite right for me. they're good but certainly not memorable. its even worse with amps. the shop guys let me play loud, so everything sounds a little mushy after a while.

that being said, when one guitar happens to stand out above the blurriness and make an impact, thats usually a sign of guitar-love. when that happens, I buy the guitar