Hey guys,

As most of you know from my previous blogs that I love metallica.
My life long dream is to manage to play all metallica solos 100% on full speed(then I can die peacefully ).
The problem is I cant solo very well, I can play really any song as rythem guitar but I want to know how to solo like kirk and other great guitarist.
I all ready know solos like the intro to one and sanitarium and fade to black but were do I go next?
If I try anything harder then enter sandman solo I just will not be able to do so.
What solo to do next?
Maybe I need to learn something before I go on?
any suggestions?

Please help,
learn them slowed down, then gradually increase speed until you get to full speed.... Other than that, just practice scales and work on finger speed. Not much else to it.
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Learn some other music. It will be way better for your playing than just wanking off Metallica solos.
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just practice scales

I lol'd hard. The plural form of the word 'scale' is purely unnecessary here, as Kirk pretty much exclusively abuses the minor pentatonic. Thought it was funny.

No, but in all seriousness, I get what the post is saying. Working on scales is good for you as it will develop you as a player and a musician overall.

What I have to add to the advice is that you should try to make the scale practicing as musical as you possibly can - I find it's not very useful trying to play scales back and forth as fast as possible. I get a lot more out of actually exploring scales and arpeggios - searching how I can use them as a musician, what kind of moods they have, how they work with various chord progressions, what kind of phrases that catch my ear can I find within them. Things like that.

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Just try hard DO NOT QUIT, and after a while it will be easy for your, sure knowing some scales help but man... Sure yes something easier would be good but if you want it so bad then learn it it's not hard just takes a while... my bro learned fade to black most of the solos in a week or a bit more.
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Thanks to all for all help and advice. You guys really did help!
I will read everything you guys said again and I will use every bit of advice, thanks alot!
Hey man, Metallica solos are the reason I started to play. I was at the same stage you are not too long ago. I had a very hard time with the "what next" Here is the order and what I did.
-one intro solo-
-nothing else matters solo-
-sanitarium intro solo-
-master of puppets clean solo section-
-master of puppets harmonized solo section-(right after clean part)
-fade to black intro solo-
-"brick wall here"-
-one second solo-
-enter sandman solo-

After I learned that sweep picked arpeggio in fade to black I was soo freakin happy. After that I sorta hit a wall though. The next step was a bit to advanced it seemed, so I switched to some other stuff like LOG,Pantera, even some GnR. It was a break I needed. Now I am back on the solos ,and almost knocked 2 more out. Hope something here helps ya.
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