Does anyone know of a decent hard shell case that will fit an esp ec-1000?

I'm looking for something more durable than the hard shell case made by esp.


p.s. looking for rectangular shaped case
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From what I can tell it looks like most rectangular skb cases only fit strat and telecaster models. I'm looking for something in $100 - $150 range that is more durable than the esp case.

EDIT: I doubt you're going to find anything more tough than this. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Gator-ATA-Polyethylene-Electric-Guitar-Case-105914584-i1447433.gc

It's not as big though, but I doubt that will matter, since you're using an EC.
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Yeah, I've been eyeballing the Gators today. My only hesitation is that I saw a review on Amazon from 2008 on the XL version saying that it didn't close down on their LTD...they didn't specify which model however. I haven't played any other ESP's but I imagine the EC-1000 is smaller than most of them.