I've been interested in interfaces such as the line 6 toneport series, but i have a few questions that need to be answered before i decide to buy one.

Some people say that it can be used just with computer speakers (and laptop speakers), while others say you need headphones...is it actually possible to use it just with computer/laptop speakers? That would be nice, i need something i can practice with while I travel without lugging my amp around. Also, hows the recording quality + any latency issues? Any problems? Thnx
If you can hook headphones up to it then it can be plugged into computer speakers. I have a Toneport KB37 but I can't remember if it can play directly through the computer speakers as I jack it into the mixer. You can always jack it into your computer's line in and monitor the audio.
You can use your pc speakers, monitors, or headphones through the toneport or comp by changing the output settings. The recorded quality is definitely adequate and the modeling and effects are decent, and super easy to set up and play with different combinations etc.. I've got great results, much better then the toneport and it's software (Pod Farm) using a Shure sm-57 on my amp running through it using reaper. I have the Toneport UX2 by the way and have overall been very satisfied with it.

The best thing about it, especially for practicing on the road and the like, is that the only thing you need to plug it into is the usb port on your computer. No power cord required. Sound like a little thing but it is a huge convenience.
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