Here's a poem I recently wrote, eventually I'd turn it into a song if I ever write fitting music.

If I ever get the chance,
Would I alter my reality
Some folks they say it's bad,
But it makes a better you and me,
Why should one take their word,
I wonder, would it make me mean
Would I better be off without,
If they keep me clean?

You tell me this way is good,
And you will let me hear and see,
I'll get into your group of friends,
I won't need to leave
You say "don't you listen to the man,
he wants to keep you down",
The state would've had my life,
but now I'm being unbound

What if I do not want to alter my world,
but for you I'll speak
Maybe I'll help you out and treat you good,
and all your secrets keep,
But I know that I will one day see,
what the fuss is about
In this day and age you can't stop
the truth from coming out.

What do you guys think?
What could I improve in my linguistic department?

Thanks for reading, though.
I found it hard to read at first. It almost seemed to be fumbling. But it got alot smoother as it went on and i started to grasp it better. It may have been my inexperience. I think its pretty good though if i understood it right.