I'm England and I need a new partner.
America's fine but tectonic plates take him farther
and farther away, like he doesn't love me anymore.

Maps tell me he moves left,
but I know maps lie.

I remember when he used to take me to the country
where sand screams red.
And show me the black juice
Stolen with speeding lead.
Introduce me to the natives,
grab me a handful of crop.
Scream "This is mine, you are my slaves
and this will never stop".

We got such tans. He always hated that.

Nowadays, he never takes me out.
I wish he'd rip down doors like he used to.
We wait in line like commoners
only to be told by the man on the door
"These people don't want your abuse, you
cannot come in unless you leave regime-change at the door"

And he just gave in.
America's not the man I thought he was.

For weeks I used France to make him jealous.
America always liked France for his policy on freedom of religion.
"What's that, special clothing? Can't have that.
Cross on your neck? That's fine".

America would have been envious,
but he will never allow himself to think that,
like leaves,
Green envy should ever be aflame in the heart of America.

Still, he wanted me back
and made his case.

Pointed back to the time when he
really had power over his subservients.
"Remember when I accidentally..", he winked,
"Shot that woman because she wouldn't let me take her home?".
Indeed, I loved him for it but it wasn't enough.

Being with America stopped working.
We would walk into a room,
and every single head would drop, stare at feet,
and murmur under it's breath,
"What's she doing with him?".

I didn't know any more.
Maybe I was lonely.
I already downsized from my mansion,
but there are still such long empty halls in this house.
a little too strict to the theme in my opinion- it stayed a little too true to become applicable in that sense. really swift use of spacing, and good diction, but I'd say try not to chain your metaphor down, you know? good regardless.
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Got anything constructive to say with your 9th post ever?

I only have constructive things to say when it comes to technical stuff, that image I posted represents exactly how I felt when I read this, is there a problem with that?