Every time i see a pop punk band live they always have 8x10s or 410 and a 15. i Dont understand this. I have an ampeg svt 410he cab and it sounds plenty loud enough for small to medium sized venues. And at large venues your di is going into the pa anyways so...

my question is:
Is it necessary to have a full stack in this style of music, or is it just an ego thing?
You have hundreds and thousands of dollars, sometimes millions. Do you get a small half stack, or do you get a wall of full stacks just because you can?

Yeah, that's about it.
I've seen very many bands do gigs with half-stacks. If it needs to be louder, they're usually mic'd and then to the PA stuff. Most likely the sick amounts of heads and cabs are just for show, or then for show and to cover the half-stack behind them
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^True. I've found that having two smaller amps on each side of the stage instead of one big one somewhere on the side delivers a fuller sound at lower levels... But you're good with a normal amp. No need to sacrifice an arm or whatever
Punk? Shouldn't you be busy not giving ****s about things instead of worrying about what your amp looks like onstage?
I'm in a pop punk band, I use a 410. Would I use an 810 if i could afford to buy/transport it? Hells yeah. But I can't. And a 410 offers the kind of tone I need anyway.

I think most bassists (if given the choice) could buy and lug around an 810 or full stack they would
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Neither is pop-punk.
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Its all for show, my opinion on what bass players use on stage is. Most of the time your DI'd into the PA system... so what u hear is more of a bass monitor more than anything. Its as loud as u need it to be for ur own likeing but in saying this theres still a limit. And for any massive band chances are their using in ear monitoring anyway and then really the only thing their amps are good for is for the physical feel behind you and maybe for those guys down the front that are like "wow i can hear the amps there not just miming it god i love pop there so awesome"

I have a 6x10 that i play with on stage, some reason my amp blew and couldn't get a replacement so purely DI'd without hearing anything i was doing. I didnt need it for my playing and it didnt change the show for the crowd.... not 1 bit.