I want a little more power and punch out of the High gain settings of my diezel einstien
(setting 3 on channels 1&2) will a booster pedal assist me in this?
An EQ pedal in the loop works nicely.
2011 PRS CU24 (Black/Gold), Carvin Legacy 3
^true, plus a booster would push your gain up (except if you use it in the loops... Einstein's a pretty complicated amp w/ so many possibilities)
Going with the EQ option
What settings should I put to give my amp some more power behind it for a 6 band EQ
As for settings on my amp, I crank my mid bass and bring my treble up about half way
Do you want a volume boost, or to thicken the tone up?
A OD/Boost or an EQ would work, an EQ is probably more versatile though.