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so what have been those thing that when you were able to play on guitar made you feel really really proud and accomplished.

for me it was solo form seek n destroy - Metallica like a year and a half ago, and the third solo of hangar 18- Megadeth like 6 months ago.
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do you wanna hear a little piano composition I have just made?, I promise it don't totally sucks, you can hear it on my profile, any feedback would be really appreciated -C4C
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the easy parts to one by metallica. i just got a guitar and i fukcing broke the 6th string for playing so hard in the breakdown. i was doing it all wrong, and i was pretty much holding the pick with all five fingers, but man, i was fukcing proud.
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Playing all the way through This Godless Endeavor (the song)
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Aesthetics of Hate by Machine Head. When I finally got that down, I was so happy.
Also, Californication - RHCP. First song I learned on guitar all those years ago. It's a milestone really.
Tuesday I played infront of the most amount people i've ever played infront of before (like 20) at a rehearsal for my school's talent show. The most i'd played infront of previously was 5ish. And yesterday I faced my fear of public performance by playing infront of my school.

I've been getting alot of comments today, so I basically feel like a badass now haha. My biggest accomplishment easily.
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The acoustic solo from Blindfolds Aside by Protest the Hero and Polaris by The Human Abstract.
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Playing all the way through This Godless Endeavor (the song)

This + The Termination Proclamation + Anything by : Dream Theater, Symphony X, Blotted Science... etc.
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first time i played a gig
it was an acoustic thing i was just playing background music a bit of jazz some blues etc. and when i was done i got a standing ovation

i be so proud
oh and the first solo i learned
iron man
ahh good times
when i was pretty young and i learned the solo to let it be i was pretty happy with myself, now it's when I write something awesome that's too hard for me to play and then i work it until i can play it
Sweet Child O Mine rhythm guitar. Dead easy though.

Being able to fluently read rhythm (and notes, but to a lesser degree) in standard notation.

Just seeing progress in general.

Oh, and the rhythm guitar to You Could Be Mine by Guns 'N Roses.

Yes, I'm a rhythm guitarist. Rhythm is much better and more fun than lead in my opinion
The thing that's made me feel most accomplished so far is this:
For an upcoming concert we are playing even flow, and seeming that I couldn't be arsed to learn the solo, I found the scale and improved my own, and ended up writing it..and everyone liked it.
It's slightly similar to the original,different in parts, but it's the first time I've ever done that, so **** yeah.
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The bass intro to N.I.B. I have to look at the tab, and I still can't get it perfect, but my girlfriend said that she thought it was just the song playing while I was playing along with it. Made me feel good
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Learning Sequoia Throne.

hell yes, sequoia throne is awesome, I really hope to learn it too some day, today I don't have the skill, at my rate I hope in from six month to a year being able to play that.
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do you wanna hear a little piano composition I have just made?, I promise it don't totally sucks, you can hear it on my profile, any feedback would be really appreciated -C4C
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Learning the accoustic solo in Holy Wars. Also learning all the riffs from the first half of the song.
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Learning Sequoia Throne.

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-Learning Paranoid all the way through (only song I know 100%)

-strangly enough knowing the Intro to Fur Elise on guitar

-Got alot of comments last week at a bbq for playing a few thing on an acoustic guitar. Even taught the little kid who's guitar it was a bit of snow patrol. They all thought I was great. I still think I suck here and there so I didnt full agree with people, however....

-Had a lesson with someone from my dads work who teaches guitar. He said to my dad at work that 'I was very good for keeping up with him and for someone that taught himself, I have learned good lot of stuff and clearly been reading upon it, like books and magazines'. That was a great thing to hear tbh. The bbq was nice but know one there played guitar, yet this guy not only plays but teaches it and said I was good.

EDIT: - to some/many it might not seem like much but I picked up a guitar at a friends house that slightly rusted and out of tune, yet I noticed the 6th string was C, and from that got the first few bars of "Some Kind of Monster". I was talking to a friend as well at the time and his expression at the time, though he didnt say anything, was "Wow that sounds like some kind of monster". Looked it up when I got home... and I was spot on It doesnt sound like much...but my music ear is aweful
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Playing a full song without just standing there like a twat. Such as learning how to headbang and move around without messing up
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When I learned the verse section of The Day That Never Comes, I was a noob and it seemed really hard to me. Also James' solo from Master Of Puppets.
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Being able to sweep the keyboard part from Bliss by Muse
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Playing Kaki King's "Doing the wrong Thing" at my school's talent show. I received nice comments, so yeah, I was very happy
Honestly, composing original riffs is what really makes me feel accomplished.

accomplished? nothing in particular. but the day i realized that i was really good at it changed everything.
Too many things to name but lately my alternate picking has improved drastically and i've been sweeping arpeggios Like A Boss!
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My friends made me go up on stage at a bar and play this guys guitar for everybody and everyone actually dug it. At least I am pretty sure they did, I was hammered.
just having a guitar already made me really proud back then
dunno, when I played Otherside by ear was the first time I actually felt guitar wasn't "just a hobby" for me, ever since then I practise alot more and really try to be a good guitarist and musician in general ^^
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Played through whole albums - Blood Sugar Sex Magik, 10000 Days and Lateralus.

Downtuned my guitar and learning all the way through Queens of The Stone Age self titled.
Alternate Picking skills are improving/getting faster
I've learned to start making my own riffs
I can do generic pull-offs/hammer-ons pretty fast
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Learning Steve Clarks part on Switch 625 by Def Leppard. It was the greatest thing i've ever done so far.
Ive always just thought of myself as a alright guitarist, cause you can never stop learning new stuff. But the other day my friend filmed me play the Hot For Teacher intro, and he put it on Facebook. It got a lot of awesome comments and made me feel good.
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The day I played through this without any mistakes. I was ecstatic! I went one to win a 2010 Strat with that song
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