Alright so I have a gig in a few weeks and feel I should really get a noise gate. Id like to get the Decimator G-string but I am a little bit short on money. I looked around used and I found a NS-2 for $40 and a Boss NF-1 for $50. I feel I can live temporarily with the tone sucking the NS-2 gives over the feedback my Bugera 6260 can cause, especially when my tubescreamer is on. But I have never seen the NF-1 being used before and was wondering if anyone here has used it. Does it suck as much tone as the NS-2? Is it even worth considering? I may take the NS-2 and when I get the Decimator G-string ill just sell it and hopefully get close to the amount I payed for it. But if anyone hasa reason for me to take the NF-1 instead please let me know.
NS-2 = Noise supressor.
NF-1 = Noise gate

NS-2 cuts out hum the whole time, (supposedly) without affecting the tone
NF-1 stops the entire signal when it falls below a certain level.

Stick to the NS-2 for your purposes.
WTLTL 2011