I just got my Epiphone Les Paul special II today.I won the Mastodon live at the Agaron contest.I'll post pics when I can find my camera. I wish I had a guitar amp,have to try it though my bass amp.
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>upstate New York
>Mastodon fan
>free guitar

Why isn't this me?
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tl;dr How does one safely remove the smell of a corpse from a banjo?

Would you run down past the fence?

Tell us, is the black box lying?
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>upstate New York
>Mastodon fan
>free guitar

Why isn't this me?


except Long Island.
People in the pit take my post way too seriously.

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Bet it sounds good on the bass amp.

I play my guitar thru my bass amp sometimes. I like the tone from it.
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Great! have fun with it!
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