Im looking for a versatile distortion/overdrive pedal as my last thread suggested, and ive limited my choices to either the EHX germanium4 big muff or the Jekyll and Hyde by visual sound!

i was wondering what were your opinions regarding each pedal and which is debatably the best?

i played a Jekyll and Hyde pedal at a guitar center not to long ago...i loved it, it had great distortions on it. I can't say i've ever played the Germanium4 Big Muff, but i would easily recommend the J&H to anyone
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I look like this-
I have a little big muff and my friend uses a jekyll and hyde
If you're going for versatile, definitely JnK
The germanium muff is more of a fuzz and the j&h a pretty solid distortion ive had mine for about 5 years its held up pretty well. The sharp/blunt switch has gone out on me this week the sharp is good on solid states and the blunt is freaking awesome with a tube amp. It does several styles but i use it for metal. Also if and when you get a good tube amp you still got a decent tubescreamer.
Never tried the JnH but I have the GBM for 5 months now, its a very versatile fuzz on the distortion channel, the overdrive channel is very nice also and you can use it to control the distortion channel.
The bias and voltage knobs (in addition to gain & tone knobs) can also produce a wide range of tonality.
I have both. The J&H basically is like a Rat and a Tubescreamer in one package. Very good pedal. The Germanium 4 is also a good pedal but if I had to choose one it would be the J&H. The G4 is just different. It's not really quite a fuzz IMO. You can get some good dirt sounds out of it, and the left side is a nice OD.