Ok so i bought a Used PSP Go less than 4 hrs ago and im trying to connect to the internet via bluetooth. im having problems connecting. i watched a video on youtube and did everything the guy said but my psp says a connection error has occured. on the vid the guy uses a 0000 dial up code. so im thinking thats why its not working . so are there any guys out there that has a psp and also a LG phone that does this and what LG Dial up code do you use
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Maybe it has something to do with PSN being down?
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Maybe it has something to do with PSN being down?

Doubt it, the guy wants internet, not necessarily PSN.
Anyway, i don't personally own a PSP Go, sorry.
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You can't connect to just any internet connection, you either have to be on a free wifi connection, or know the password for the wireless network you're trying to connect too.