Very nice! Metallica like to me. Voice started a bit weak but definitely got better. I like the lead harmonies, recording was good too!
thanks guys. by the way i just want to let you know before the crits that this is just me with a drum machine. there isn't even bass on this. i wish so bad where i live people wanted to jam original music.
Definitely reminds of some Metallica, especially with the lead guitar and vocals. The vocals sounded a little weak at times, but overall was pretty well. Keep it up man, keep looking for other musicians, It just takes time. (Just finished my lineup for my band and it took 2 1/2 years to get the members we needed)
pretty cool tune. as mentioned the vocals need a little work but you did a good job. sometimes the balance btween the left and right was a little weird. really good solo especially the first part , i enjhoyed that.

my newest song is The Land Unknown (not in profile yet) but i have a current thread here for it. let me know what you think.
Instrumentally, the intro reminds me of Susie & the Banshees (not a bad thing), vocals remind me of Metallica. After the song plays for about a minute, instrumentally it reminds me somewhat of Metallica (not a bad thing). Singing during the verse is pretty good, during the chorus: a bit pitchy. The second chorus seemed less pitchy: not sure if it was sung better or I'm just getting familiar with this song I've never heard before. I like the lead guitar! The vocal oooh's & scream are good! Overall, it's a good song. Please review my music at this link:

too bad your from the UK man!! I loved that tune! I would also jam right with ya!
I loved your clean guitar tone. It reminded me of Dream Theater a lot, as well as 'Tallica. It's a chorus effect right?

I loved the guitar part between the verse and chorus section, and the tone of your guitar in the lead bit after the chorus was absolutely fantastic.

It really is a shame you don't have a proper band, you're the sort of musician I'd absolutely love to jam with. This is a really tight, ace piece of work. I loved the scream at 2:18, and the harmony solo was perfect. The solo part after that really built up the song for the big chorus finish.

Absolutely fantastic, well done. You should be incredibly proud of this piece.
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yea, there are musicians around here, but believe it or not, they still are obsessing about the 'breakdown' lol and if its not that its cover bands. oh well i guess