So I have been trying to write songs for about a year now, and I can write instrument parts fine, but I am still struggling with my lyric writing. I have noticed improvement in my writing, I don't have trouble anymore getting inspiration for something to write about, and some of the stuff I do write actually sounds somewhat decent, but I can never keep at it and it always ends up sounding cheesy or just plain stupid... I always end up giving up after a while and moving on to some new song, which ends up about the same way.

I am pretty sure I just have a patience issue when writing, either that or I just can't express myself at all... So, does anyone know any ways to fix this, or am I just going to have to suck it up and stick with a song even if the way it's turning out is driving me crazy? Maybe a change in how I write could help, any suggestions there?

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You are way over thinking things, write what you feel, don't worry about what anyone thinks about it or if it's cheesy. Man, you should be able to write lyrics in 10 mins, stairway was written like that and people read all sorts of stuff into it. Just record something and move on to something else till you get comfortable, it matters not what you say, but what you feel at the time.
instead of moving on to a new song, force yourself to finish one completely
I always find that I can start really well but I lose my train of emotion halfway through, and the second half of the song sucks. So I start on something new. Every now and then two of my first halfs seem to slide together with a little tweaking so I go with that.
Just a suggestion.
easy peasy. One big secret (not that big of a secret) is that if you are stuck but have some good lyrics, just repeat yourself or change a little bit of the phrase. John Lennon did this a lot, and so does most blues. For instance, if you had oh baby your like a surprise and sometimes I wonder why make the next verse say oh baby you know I try and sometimes I break down and cry. Just made that up, but it totally works. Just tweak what you like and lose what you don't.

Spend time with your songs, too. sometimes just singing one verse over and over again and thinking of new nonsense random things to sing can create amazing results, just remember to write it down or you'll forget it. Songs don't have to make any sense at all really and they also don't have to have pages and pages of lyrics. That's always been my issue, is making cuts. It's a better position than having writer's block but it's just as difficult to make cuts. You just need a few lyrics to a song, two verses and a chorus, an instrumental part and boom done. some people write songs that have about 20 words in them, or even less.

and it doesn't have to be perfect. But picking something that you are passionate about helps too, or something that interests you. If you literally don't have anything to write about, i bet that your problem is not having enough real life experiences. If that sounds like it might be true, go out and meet some new people, or go out and face your fear of approaching a new girl at school that you like or something. Do this, and you will soon realize that you have a lot more to talk about, like overcoming fear.

at least meet new people, it's fun. My actual advice for dealing with girls is Not to write songs about them, at least at first, it's just ridiculous how many guys do this lol. but you can avoid this by writing songs about love if you do get a girlfriend, and it's alright to write songs about it as long as you have something to talk about and aren't just glorifying aspects of her physical appearance or something silly like that. I'm just assuming that you don't have a girlfriend because it is hard for you to write songs, if you had a girlfriend it would be somewhat easier. Like, "I wanna take you to the mall" look, I'm like a hit machine today

i wanna take you to the mall
Oh yes, there will be clothes shopping
Ooh glasses, shiny, try them all
I don't know how much cash is dropping

In this trip to the mall
Your the brightest star of all
Oh yeah, like totally, for sure
at the mall

blah blah blah hehehe :P see how easy it is?
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