I have Zoom G1xn and im not satisfied with the effects. I tried setting up my zoom g1xn for a good solo tone like Joe Satriani uses.

I think Boss GT-10 is very much better than Zoom G1xn and some patches are available in the internet. I also watched some covers/videos about GT-10 and good
Are you asking if it's good?
I have some recordings I have done with the Gt-10 if you want to hear I can link you to it.
I have been able to pretty much get any type of tone (except a passable fuzz) out of the Gt-10
I own the Boss also and can get just about any tone or effect out of it. It really does everything, The distortions and overdrivrd are good.
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I love my GT-10.

The deeper you go into it the amazing sounds you get.
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